keep your friends close but your enemies closer
Anthony R's Articles for June, 2017
June 22, 2017 by Anthony R
Just mere seconds into McConnell's healthcare announcement, the human refuse of our society poured out onto our nation's capital to protest before anyone could even read or understand what was being proposed. Does Obama have like a box full of these people that spill out onto the streets when he conjures them up?
June 17, 2017 by Anthony R
Do I like Jeff Sessions? yes. Do I think he is worthy of all the withering criticism he has faced and all the vile accusations of racism and Klan sympathies? Absolutely not, but Jeff Sessions in my opinion has created a situation so unacceptable that he has to step down immediately. We need a wartime cabinet, not a group of powder puffs who don't know how to fight, or who refuse to defend our president. When AG Sessions recused himself from the Russia conspiracy theory, he essentially threw ...
June 17, 2017 by Anthony R
Trump won the election and is currently dismantling all aspects of a terrible American experiment known as the Obama administration. Lets face it, the nations first black president and the hope of millions of Americans was dashed on the jagged rocks below. President Obama was a farce. A complete and utter disaster by every metric. The losses Democrats have faced in the last 8 years and their denial of this failure have led them onto a warlike  path which is now impossible to reverse. Democr...
June 4, 2017 by Anthony R
Here comes the NJ Governor election to replace Chris 'Bridgegate" Christie. I did vote for Christie the first time, but it was only in the hopes of replacing corrupt, Goldman Sachs criminal, John Corzine. It was good to get rid of corrupt Goldman Sachs sleazeball Corzine, but Chris Christie vs John Corzine was really just a choice between whether or not we wanted to die quickly by consuming cyanide, or if we wanted a slow and painful death with shots of antifreeze. The corruption of NJ gover...