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Published on June 28, 2012 By Anthony R In Politics

Keep in mind that the Obamacare mandate was upheld not under the Commerce Clause – but as a “tax.”

on Jun 28, 2012


Kind of a really stupid comparison... because you can choose not to drive... and if you are working, in poverty and need transportation... you don't need to buy auto-insurance to take the bus.

You'd figure he'd have an aid who could make a better analogy.

I prefer to look at it this way....

The US was originally designed to tax corporations instead of individuals to avoid the whole "NOT WITH MY TAX DOLLARS!" problem in the first place...

This is how you need to spin "universal health care" in such a system, after fractional reserve banking was implemented on a fiat currency and pretty much broke the very foundations of the country.

It's getting harder and harder to spin it without looking silly... but it is pretty much a similar system as found around the world, as most of these countries have tax premiums specifically on healthcare for each tax bracket... which can be construed as "insurance payments".

on Jun 28, 2012

4 justices believed it should have been stricken down in its entirety.  Four!  Including Anthony Kennedy!  But for Roberts.

on Jun 28, 2012

Roberts...ahhh, my gut is still wrenching! 

How does taxing us alleviate the unConstitutionality of Big Bad Daddy Government forcing us to buy insurance? 

I don't think the US Constitution allows Congress to tax something that's clearly unconstitutional. 

on Jun 28, 2012

 I'm not sure what kind of pressure caused Roberts to punt, but In keeping Obamacare alive, while informing Americans that their healthcare reform was actually the biggest tax hike ever, Obama will face a tough, tough reelection fight. The Obamacare debate decimated Democratic ranks in '10 and I now expect the same in '12. Suddenly Romney is a man with more purpose and a huge issue to rally millions of voters with.

on Jun 29, 2012

Yes, great points.