keep your friends close but your enemies closer
Published on February 21, 2017 By Anthony R In Current Events

Milo got booted from CPAC and lost his book deal over a new controversy uncovered by conservatives. After listening to it all I had 2 questions, Is Milo a pedophile? The answer is clearly no.  Then I asked myself, if he is not a pedophile, why then should he be ostracized? The answer again, I don't know. Politics at its finest.

on Feb 21, 2017

Kind of sad that (alleged) freedom-of-speech-loving conservatives disinvite a champion of freedom of speech.  But then, CPAC has been a bit sad since Andrew died (or was assassinated, if you're into that), anyway.

On the other hand, we also have freedom of association.

An interesting take here.

on Feb 22, 2017

Its amazing, with all the hatred the left have for Milo that they riot and torch places to stop him from speaking, that it was a never Trumper group that ultimately damaged him. The way I see it, Milo is just an unhealed victim of child abuse. Most victims of abuse sometimes actually love their abuser. I'm not a psychologist, but they say its because its the only form of love that the victims have ever known, so its really just sad to see a victim of such abuse being attacked for being a victim. Of all the things they could have assailed him on this must be the most personally painful, but he got into this thing and enraged both sides of the isle, so he will have to bear the slings and arrows. 

on Feb 23, 2017

I also listened to it.  I wasn't sure if he was being serious.   He admits he is a child sex abuse survivor and that having sex with children is reprehensible.  

I think he wanted to be shocking.  It worked.

He's not a pedophile.