keep your friends close but your enemies closer
Published on March 8, 2017 By Anthony R In Current Events

I can't believe this Russia stuff is still going on. Its hard to imagine how any rational person out there would think Donald Trump conspired with the Russians to steal an election from Hillary Clinton. The people who claim the Russians are coming are the same people who claimed that the critics of the Benghazi terrorist attack explanation were just tin foil hat conspiracy theorists. Only 2 explanations for this absurd Russia fantasy can be used to explain the phenomenon. 1. Hillary Clinton having so dominated Trump in every facet of electoral politics and math was extremely embarrassed by her landslide defeat and needed an explanation for her loss other than the fact that she told half of America that they were not only deplorable, but irredeemable, not to mention causing audible gasps in a debate hall when she vowed to support the barbaric practice of partial birth abortion, a policy position that had pastors across the country telling its congregants that a vote for Hillary Clinton would put their mortal souls in jeopardy. The second and most likely scenario is that the Democrats want to decapitate Trumps ability to lead. They want to destroy his ability to establish policies with Russia, or anywhere else in the world by polluting the public perception of his intentions. Either way, its funny to watch Democrats standing there with their arms crossed in complete irrelevance. Democrat constituents should wise up across the country and demand representation about the real issues in this country that matter, and bring an end to this ridiculous farce. Health care, security, economy, not some bizarre Russian conspiracy theory. The Health care bill that is being passed will be passed, but if Democrats don't do anything but stand there like fools and cowards accusing people of things that should provoke open laughter, it will give conservatives the upper hand in crafting its final passage.

on Mar 14, 2017
on Mar 15, 2017

Trump and his associates have no Russia connections whatsoever. Just a bunch of crazy left wing conspiracy talk.