keep your friends close but your enemies closer

Over time, liberals in tie dye shirts listening to Greatful Dead at Woodstock have given way to people in black masks and hoods carrying mace and attacking police officers. The American left have transformed into something totally new and impossible to be classified as "liberal". The best evidence of this new movement comes with the recent post from Ivanka celebrating one year since the birth of her son, uploading an innocent and seemingly beautiful picture of the moment. Immediately, the so-called liberal and tolerant left went on an absolute insanity laced storm of abject hatred. Most responses were unfit to publish on a family friendly site such as this, and the ones that could be were so angry and off topic, that they could only be interpreted as the work of disturbed and enraged individuals. Should these angry and rage filled humans be classified as liberals? Of course not, so what then shall we call them? Progressive is a term often bandied about, but that makes them seem almost as if they are doing things that are forward looking, or somehow good, which is farcical. Alt-left is another term, but I don't think that sufficiently captures the pure rage of the movement. We have yet to determine what they really will be as the entire DNC apparatus has just been dismantled with pink slips and the installation of a new order has begun under the sterling leadership of Skeletor Perez and Mini Farrakan.

on Apr 07, 2017

Everyone identified in this group is X, everyone in that group is Y.

Yea, that's productive.


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