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Published on April 1, 2017 By Anthony R In Current Events

One of the main reasons why I cast a vote for President Trump was to preserve the Supreme Court before it became a left wing swamp that shredded the Constitution and usurped the power of the Congress by creating even more new precedents (laws) from the bench. Judges are there to interpret laws, not to feel things, emote, or create new laws through precedent. Democrats whine and bray about their precious Judge Garland, but Republicans actually gambled by not giving him a hearing. Their reasoning was sound. They cited a rule that was actually created by Joe Biden. Republicans actually had no idea who would win the election, and Clinton was the heavy favorite. Had Clinton won, Garland would have almost certainly been replaced with an even more radical judge in the same cloth as Justice Kagen or Ginsberg.

If Democrats are actually going thru with filibustering a mainstream candidate like Neil Gorsuch because they are still butthurt over Garland, it is an incredible gift to Republicans. In the wake of Harry Reid's actions to rubber stamp Obama's nominees who would never had made it through Congress, the GOP can now easily move for a simple majority of 51 on Gorsuch. Is that a big deal right now? No, but it will be for the next selection which Trump will almost certainly get.

The main reason why I voted for Trump, the Supreme Court, has been a stunning success so far. If Dems are foolishly about to do away with filibuster rights on a mainstream nominee, it greases the skids for the GOP to install ultra conservative William Pryor when Ginsberg finally collapses. This is a dream come true and will shape the highest court for decades in a much more constitutional and conservative way. And we can see just how important the courts are with the recent blocking of Trumps immigration orders. The orders were completely and totally constitutional, yet left wing judges in America's most radical courts disagreed with that for completely partisan and political reasons. If the nations highest courts are preserved, all that corruption of the lower courts can at least be overturned.

on Apr 07, 2017

A conservative court's only priorities are to preserve the power of the wealthy and large corporations.

Interestingly, Ginsberg ruled with the majority.


on Apr 07, 2017

I think the Court was flat wrong on Kelo and I look forward to that decision being reversed at some point.  But I also think your characterization is a little OTT.