keep your friends close but your enemies closer
Published on April 10, 2017 By Anthony R In Politics

I was talking about political issues with a friend on fb and it caused me to decide never to do it again. The friend had posted on the topic of Trump, and a Jewish issue of some kind, I think it was one of those unfounded Trump/Antisemitism attacks, so I gently, or not so gently reminded him that Obama's support in Israel was the lowest of any American President in history. The poll I cited was not tilted or partisan in any way, cause it listed Bill Clinton as the Israeli favorite. So it really took me aback when my friends sister went on a posting tirade, turning the thread into a repository of Israel bashing content replete with every anti Israel conspiracy theory available. It was shocking that someone posting under their real name would take such an extreme approach. Was I happy that my friends sister hastily exposed her extreme Antisemitic beliefs because of a post I made? The short answer is no. I really don't want to be a person doing anything but having rational discussion. I decided not to engage in political discussion on my fb page, not even with friends from the past who I used to do that sort of thing with. These days a political discussion can easily veer off from rational discourse, to commentary that can ruin a persons reputation, or even have people suggesting psychiatric evaluations. Furthermore, the person on the left spectrum will readily admit that the only purpose of their discussion is to "be correct". So, even if they are faced with evidence that proves them to be wrong, they will insist they are right and they will use any tactic they can think of to dismiss reality.

on Apr 10, 2017




on Apr 10, 2017

Political discussions bring out the best in people....

as do Religious...



All the fun ones...


It's about time people really got incensed about 'flat earth' deniers as well...


btw... if someone I knew showed to be an antisemite I'd cease to know them.



Ignore my arm is post-op and still dead.

on Apr 10, 2017

if someone I knew showed to be an antisemite I'd cease to know them.
I just felt embarrassed for her brother when she made that scene. Even tho he is a closed minded left wing guy, I still thought he was good people when his bizarre political beliefs were excluded. The sad thing is Andy wants to run an election on his fb everyday that Trump is in office and that caused me to unfollow him. Still friends, but I don't want to see his daily rantings. I never did that when Obama was in office, so I fail to see why I should tolerate it from him.

on Apr 10, 2017

Political discussions bring out the best in people....

Needlessly so, in recent years anyway.  I'm old enough to remember when political differences could be explored & discussed without coming to blows or ad hominems.

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