keep your friends close but your enemies closer
Published on May 29, 2017 By Anthony R In Current Events

I couldn't help but notice that some on the left have chosen Memorial Day of all days to pour out their livers in the most unflattering of ways to spew political vitriol. Memorial day isn't here so that people can spend the day demeaning President Trump, its a day where we all remember our war heroes who have given the ultimate sacrifice. So when people embarrass themselves and their families on fb with their real identities by posting complaints about Trump, like hes a draft dodger, or he sang the anthem at an event that should be solemn, or hes a total disgrace, and far worse things that can't be repeated on a family oriented site such as JU, its just an amazement to me. Those graves at Arlington are filled with people of all political persuasions who fought and died, and it should be a day where such venomous hatred is set aside.

on Jun 05, 2017

It's not like a lot of them work anyway, but I believe that (especially in places like DC) people out having a good time in pubic places, make their crowds look bigger.