keep your friends close but your enemies closer

Here comes the NJ Governor election to replace Chris 'Bridgegate" Christie. I did vote for Christie the first time, but it was only in the hopes of replacing corrupt, Goldman Sachs criminal, John Corzine. It was good to get rid of corrupt Goldman Sachs sleazeball Corzine, but Chris Christie vs John Corzine was really just a choice between whether or not we wanted to die quickly by consuming cyanide, or if we wanted a slow and painful death with shots of antifreeze. The corruption of NJ government is boundless and endless and the only direction for taxes go is up, even though they are always promising to bring them down as they do every election cycle. They all swear to bring it down if elected, but it it always remains as the worst taxation in the nation with no end in sight. Now it looks like another Goldman Sachs criminal, Phil Murphy, is gearing up to hammer the final nail into NJ's collective casket. I guess the only change one can get from New Jersey, is to abandon it for a State that is not run by criminals and juvenile delinquents.  This is why we will not be voting for a NJ Governor again. We cannot in good conscience recommend any of them as they should all probably be locked up.

on Jun 05, 2017

Sounds a lot like voting for Chicago mayors.