keep your friends close but your enemies closer
Published on November 19, 2010 By Anthony R In Politics

I'm tired of bed wetting liberal whiners who complain that Water-boarding is 'torture' saying things like 'that's not what were about man' or Geraldo on FOX and friends this morning calling CIA interrogators "the American Taliban'

All this BS when they don't mind watching the officials that they elect turning our airports and other infrastructures into quasi police states where nuns, kids and even pilots are felt up and treated like inmates in a penitentiary as a result of not being proactive and interrogating terrorists aggressively.

on Nov 22, 2010

The problem with profiling, is, if done correctly, requires intelligence.  In other words, you cannot just say that all arab looking men are suspect.  But alas that is also its Achilles heel since liberals lack that necessary trait.

But studies show they do have brains!  At least that is the theory since they suffer from mental illness!

on Nov 22, 2010

My brother actually thinks this is no big deal. He travels often but hey he has the right to believe what he wants. Just like Democrats ignore rich people and supposedly focus on the outcries of the poor, those who think this is wrong need to be heard too.