keep your friends close but your enemies closer
Published on October 21, 2012 By Anthony R In Politics


Provided nothing dramatic happens at the final foriegn policy debate and no knockout blow is landed... this is the way I see it shaking out. Obama has been campaigning in Ohio for the last 5 years in between rounds of golf, vacationing, demonizing Bush, and patting himself on the back for exacerbating Americas problems, so I think he has a pretty good foothold on the State, so I give it to him, but he is losing Wisconsin and New Hampshire quickly, and that provides Ryan/ Romney another path. It will make Romney the first candidate since JFK to win the Presidency without the Buckeye state of Ohio. I don't predict much dramatic happenings in the final debate, unless Romney comes at Obama full bore on the issue of Libya. I wouldn't be surprised if he did, as I found the Crowley/Obama ambush on Romney at debate #2 to be the most extremely dishonest thing ever. Obama never declared the Libyan attack an act of terror in the Rose Garden. He was speaking more broadly about "acts" of terror such as Sept. 11th 2001, the Cole, etc. It was so fundamentally dishonest it was unbelievable. And the glee Obama took in the transparently see through word game was also disturbing when you consider the fact that 4 brave Americans who were essentially abandoned at their posts by Obama were slain in the attack. So barring any knockout blow by either candidate, this is my final prediction.

on Oct 21, 2012

I think Ohio is close right now but believe it will go to Romney. 

Guess we'll see in a few weeks!  Can't wait for this to be OVER.

on Oct 22, 2012

Toledo's newspaper went for BO today.

Columbus went for Romney.

What an accurate reflection of the state's division.

I can't wait for this to end.  I've never seen people so split....

on Oct 22, 2012

Cleveland is a pretty nice place. I liked hanging out at the flats and in the Parma district... only downside to Ohio is the fact that its a snow belt. When it comes to my prediction map I have second thoughts about Iowa. I'd likely say that Romney will take it as well. Obama supporters seem to be in total panic. Obama himself is acting like a total loser, hurling schoolyard insults and discussing topics that are totally irrelevant, like women in binders and big bird. This election shouldn't even be close when considering just how dysfunctional Obama has been and how abysmal his record is. In the end, I wouldn't be all that surprised if deep blue California flipped on him at the last minute with 6 dollar a gallon gasoline. Obama's only success on foriegn policy came to pass because of water boarding to get information, a policy Obama vehemently opposed as a candidate. That's ironic, especially considering all the Democrat grave dancing and spiking of the football on the issue.  Anyhow, it wont be long now until debate time. I hope Romney lands a KO and makes the election a blowout. 

on Oct 22, 2012


Anthony R
only downside to Ohio is the fact that its a snow belt.

We have more gray days than sunny.  Hate that.  But after spending three loooooong dark winters in Alaska, they don't seem as bad as when I was a

Unions are big here.  They did what Wisconsin was unable to do....put the union issue on the ballot and it was repealed.  You should have heard the lies they spread to get it done though.

Oh well.  My dad was a union steward for years at a factory in Columbus.  Every 3 years they went on strike right before Christmas no matter what.  The union bankrupted the place and ultimately they all lost their pensions (they were bought out but for about 1/10th of their original retirement).

They deserved it.  My dad had an 8th grade education (probably not that high).  He worked in a factory.  He made as much money as most college graduates in that time.  It's ridiculous. 

In the end, they'd rather ruin the company than be reasonable.

That's how a lot of Obama-bots are this go round.  Instead of recognizing their mistake.  They double down.

To hell with the country so long as they "win" or are "right."


on Oct 24, 2012

I know a few Union workers. They are good people and aren't at fault for what is happening. It is their bosses. There was a time when Unions were good, but they have become a militant political wing of the Democrat party and their undue political influence is something that becomes more and more problematic with each election. If Obama finds a way to win,. it will be the Unions who carry his sorry ass over the finish line. I'm sure it will only be to face impeachment charges for Libya if he makes it.

on Oct 24, 2012

Anthony R
I'm sure it will only be to face impeachment charges for Libya if he makes it.

Starting to look that way....