keep your friends close but your enemies closer
Published on February 3, 2013 By Anthony R In Politics

All the gun control advocates are on all the Sunday shows and some of them might be well meaning, but they are totally misguided. Ask a liberal gun control advocate something like, "what new law would have stopped Eric Harris from sawing off his shotgun on both ends, transforming it into the deadliest close range weapon imaginable?" Since sawing off a shotgun is already a felony in most states and no one is even including the deadly close range shotgun on the list of weapons to be banned, they will not likely have much of an answer and will respond with either ridicule or outright anger. Its because no laws would have stopped Columbine or a madman like Eric Harris, period.

on Feb 06, 2013

Or any of the other mass murderers.


The pattern is that all were committed in gun free zones.  Guns are not the killers, the absence of guns is the trigger for the people who decide to kill.