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The only immigrant they dislike
Published on November 22, 2016 By Anthony R In Current Events

I didn't watch the American Music Awards, but I did see the segment that everyone is talking about. I do think the treatment that Melania Trump received at the hands of Gigi Hadid was nothing short of stunning and disgraceful. You have to honestly ask yourself a question, what would have happened if Michelle Obama was so brutally mocked about her nationality, color, or accent? I think the world would have stopped on its axis, and the person guilty of doing it would have been blacklisted from ever working again. So why the double standard? Why is Melania a fair target to be viciously mocked for being a (gasp)immigrant, while Michelle Obama is a protected class of citizen and therefore, untouchable? Just to be clear, I don't think Michelle or Melania should be mocked for things that make them different, just asking why there should be a double standard.

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