keep your friends close but your enemies closer
Published on June 17, 2017 By Anthony R In Current Events

Trump won the election and is currently dismantling all aspects of a terrible American experiment known as the Obama administration. Lets face it, the nations first black president and the hope of millions of Americans was dashed on the jagged rocks below. President Obama was a farce. A complete and utter disaster by every metric. The losses Democrats have faced in the last 8 years and their denial of this failure have led them onto a warlike  path which is now impossible to reverse. Democracy is supposed to be the final decider, to quote another disastrous President, but we now have a situation where people deeply embedded in the Government, media and law enforcement, have taken it upon themselves to correct the choices of a democratically elected government when they disagree with the majority choice. When they lose, the winners must be ridiculed and vilified, legally terrorized, and even assaulted. Shot. killed. murdered. It isn't any small coincidence that Rep. Steve Scalise was gunned down in Alexandria, Virginia, the place where the first casualty in the Civil War was registered.

Donald Trump is doing everything he said he would do and is doing an amazing job considering how much push back he has received from Democrats, corrupt forces in media, the FBI, CIA, NSA, the nations courts, establishment RINO Republicans, leftist hate groups who celebrate death and have nothing to do with anything free or American, and other untold millions of people who are seething in murderous rage like the Bernie Sanders activist James t Hodgkinson. I hope that we have some FBI agents who aren't too corrupt to do their jobs and take down the names of his Facebook friends, but I have a terrible feeling that Hodgkinson was one of the first in a series of violent attacks that are being fomented by prominent democrats and the assassination chic that is all the rage within our so-called liberal culture. when 62 million Americans voted to dismantle the disastrous policies of the Obama administration, and elected someone who actually had the courage to do it, no one could have predicted the level of murderous rage it would have created. Most of us imagined that Brack Obama would simply have been a terrible disappointment to them, and that they would have simply accepted the judgement call of the majority who rendered that verdict on election day.

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