keep your friends close but your enemies closer
Published on June 17, 2017 By Anthony R In Current Events

Do I like Jeff Sessions? yes. Do I think he is worthy of all the withering criticism he has faced and all the vile accusations of racism and Klan sympathies? Absolutely not, but Jeff Sessions in my opinion has created a situation so unacceptable that he has to step down immediately. We need a wartime cabinet, not a group of powder puffs who don't know how to fight, or who refuse to defend our president. When AG Sessions recused himself from the Russia conspiracy theory, he essentially threw our president under the bus and to the salivating wolves of the FBI. If we've learned anything at all from the Comey testimony which emitted from the deepest bowels of the swamp, its that the FBI is essentially corrupt beyond repair. Thats why consumer confidence is now plummeting, because we all now feel like we are at risk after Comeys stark confirmation of the fact that the guardians of our gates are all out for themselves rather than country.

on Jun 18, 2017

The confidence index is now at 94.5. Before the election, it was 87.2. By January, when he was inaugurated, it had shot up to 98.5, the highest level in more than a decade.

That was largely because of hopes that Trump would cut taxes, spend big on infrastructure and shed government regulations. Those hopes are now dimming a bit.

But 94.5 is still high, and the U.S. economy overall is in good shape. The economy has added jobs for 80 months in a row, unemployment is lowest since 2001, and the Federal Reserve just raised interest rates -- a good sign for the economy's health.

on Jun 19, 2017

CNN would be the last place I would go for financial news and reports. I would look to Bloomberg, Forbes, WSJ, Reuters, and even CNBC.