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Time for Term Limits
Published on July 27, 2017 By Anthony R In Current Events

The vote for full repeal on Obamacare is a complete microcosm of all that is wrong in our government. Five of the Senators who voted no had voted yes previously, so its hard to imagine how they can return to their constituents and explain what had changed since the last vote, and why they failed to keep their word when it mattered. And isn't it predictable that the oldest fixtures in the Senate such as Lisa Murky Murkowsky, and John "Maverick" McCain, are voting no. The most likely cause? They probably have been doing the bidding of their friends in the insurance industry who have been clamoring for a billion dollar bailout while average Americans get buried by the premiums and deductibles. Therefore, the next bill introduced should be term limits and nothing should advance until that swamp draining measure gets passed.

on Sep 19, 2017

The government should have stayed out of the health insurance business. I say this as a veteran with exposure to a single payer system. When you have a country like Sweden (6 million people) or Canada (36 million people) that have populations with mostly strong work ethic, single payer works reasonably well, abet with much higher tax rate than Americans are use to. Now introduce cultures where work ethic might not be so strong, and costs escalate. This is now occurring in places like Germany and France. In the USA, less than half (157 million of 320 million) are in the workforce. You can't have less than half the population support the greater portion of the population, and themselves. 

What the senate did was a travesty. We have a failing heath insurance, not care, that's imploding (Obama care). Notice you don't see any reporting on emergency room use. That's because it's still high, Obama Care didn't fix it. If you had a policy that you couldn't afford to use, copay/high deductibles, you would go to the emergency room too. 

Now here we are again. This time it's not about giving Trump a black eye. The senate republicans are starting to worry that their years of promise were a lie, and they are going to get called on it. This is self-preservation and the RINO's realize it's going to fall on them not Trump. Now Lindsay Graham is scrambling to do damage control, and even his 'self-righteous' buddy John McCain, after his last political stunt, is even on board. Still no guarantee of passing RINO's Collins and Murkowski won't sign, and neither will Rand Paul, a man of principle to be sure, but he couldn't sell any alternative to the rest of them either.