keep your friends close but your enemies closer
Published on October 30, 2017 By Anthony R In Current Events

After millions and millions of dollars and a year spent examining everything Trump has ever done beginning from his swim to the womb, all Mueller comes up with is that Manafort laundered some money in 2012 and a Greek guy named Papadopoulos lied about a meeting he tried to set up on Russian dirt that was ultimately turned down by the Trump team. Hard to understand not only why there is jubilation on the left, but why there isn't total disappointment among the ranks of the "resistance" today.

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on Oct 30, 2017

$10 million dollar bail for Manafort, who's cooperated every step of the way.  Naked intimidation by Mueller, because he can.

Mueller is the definition of Swamp Thing.

on Oct 30, 2017

Did Maxine Waters say "Impeach Barney Fife" or "Impeach 45"?

on Oct 31, 2017



Mueller is the definition of Swamp Thing.
Yah, it would seem he is covered in algae and barnacles. If he doesn't go after the Podesta group at the very least after indicting Manafort, he is corrupt to the core. Actually, we already know he is corrupt to the core just by the virtue of the investigation he ran and the team he assembled of Obama/Clinton donors and lawyers.

on Oct 31, 2017

This should happen tomorrow.

on Oct 31, 2017

What do you have if.

Undocumented worker works for cash under the table then pays cash rent,

renter pays cash for another undocumented worker to do lawn maintenance who places the

money in the bank and writes an election contribution check to the democratic party.

You have 20 million cases of money laundering and tax evasion.

Does Mueller need a bigger staff?

on Nov 01, 2017

on Feb 16, 2018

It is a loud and clear message,

"Trump campaign - Russia Collusion"

is now "Russia Meddled In The Election".

I was sold when he came down the escalator.


on Apr 14, 2018

Where's the Beef?

on Apr 26, 2018

Clinton's IT contractors turned over her personal

email server to the FBI on August 12, 2015.

Investigation concludes July 5, 2016.

Reopened October 2016 Anthony Weiner.

End November 6, 2016.

Total time 1 whole year.


on May 01, 2018

on May 02, 2018

Question 1

When James Comey worked in the FBI for the US government

would it be legal for him to do email communication and other

government business on his own private server if he

doesn't get permission first from a superior?

Question 2

Would James Comey get permission from a superior

to do email communication and other government business on his own private server?

Question 3

Is it legal for government employees to do email communication and other

government business on their own private server, wether they get permission from a superior or not.


on Dec 10, 2018

Was Stormy Daniels working for the Russians or was it just everybody trying to take down President Trump?

on Jan 25, 2019

"CNN Reporter: "Instinct" Led Us To Get Footage Of Roger Stone Arrest, Not Tip-Off"

Don't trip your shoe is untied.


on Apr 01, 2019

NBC's Chuck Rosenberg on Mueller Report: "I've Never Taken 400 Pages To Say Nothing Happened"

It is called an investigation and Mueller gave you one.

The 400 pages is proof that there was an investigation.


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