keep your friends close but your enemies closer
Published on November 5, 2017 By Anthony R In Current Events

Father and son Bush have hit the news for calling Trump a "blowhard". Even more shocking, but not surprising, they voted for Hillary Clinton because their paltry feelings were hurt by the trouncing low energy Jeb! received at the tiny hands of Trump.

All through the Obama years Bush 43 claimed he would be classy and not criticize anyone in the office. So even when Christians in Iraq were being slaughtered in the streets because Obama cut and ran, there wasn't so much as a peep from the very religious and born again George. Now we hear lots of petty and small critiques of Trump that really have no relevance to anything Bush ever did and its outrageous. I knew Bush 43 was traitor to party long ago when a tape was released of him swearing not to help Steve Forbes if he won the primary. Thats not how it works. When you are a loyal member of party, you support the nominee. I am a little surprised about Bush 43 who also surprises me with his grabass of young ladies lately. What a disgrace that family has become and I no longer view them as Republicans. Now voting for McCain's isn't my only voting embarrassment. 

on Nov 05, 2017

George W. only has to look at his own incredible presidency to find a large reason Trump got elected.

It couldn't have happened with out all of President Bush's help.


on Nov 06, 2017

Another big reason.

Some folks got left out and voted for Trump.


on Nov 07, 2017