keep your friends close but your enemies closer
Published on December 29, 2020 By Anthony R In Current Events

Its amazing how misinformed and misguided the people are in the face of this Covid virus. It doesn't take much fearmongering and gaslighting to convince normally rational people to comply with lock downs and arbitrary demands that are like something out of a science fiction movie or novel. It really goes to show that even in 2020, the human mind is still a primitive and superstitious thing, and it doesn't take much to incite a mob of rabidly frothing villagers wielding torches and pitchforks like in the old Frankenstein movies. All this confusion comes at a cost. China has infected the world with impunity and is currently recovering the economy they had before Trump clamped down on them with tariffs. Should Biden occupy the White House, he is currently owned by the Chinese government and is not likely to defy them in any way. We live in a time with a media crisis of such heights that a CNN crew can stand in front of raging fires and claim, "mostly peaceful protests". There may be worse to come before it gets better. Stacy Abrams of Georgia has a sister deciding election law on the bench while she compiles a mountain of harvested ballots to steal the election with. You couldn't sell this script to Hollywood as they wouldn't think anyone could believe it, but its happening.

on Dec 29, 2020

Its amazing how misinformed and misguided the people are in the face of this Covid virus.

Flat earthers used 5G to create and spread Covid to hide meddling in the US voting system.

Everyone knows that....

on Dec 30, 2020

You can mock me if you wish Jafo, I admire the tenacity of a person who could survive a police state lockdown such as the one you were forced to endure.

on Dec 30, 2020

If only the 'administration' in the US had the balls to do similar you wouldn't have 3000 dead per day.

Freedom is bullshit when you are dead....really damn hard to enjoy it.

Short term pain [lockdown] long term's called life.

I certainly do NOT admire people who are unwilling to 'endure' and assist in keeping others alive.

THAT is called 'humanity'. [more accurately humanitarian].

People can have their right to not wear a mask, etc....but they never ever had a right to endanger others in the process.

on Dec 30, 2020

Yeah I guess you are right. I guess the patriots at Concord bridge should have just dropped their weapons and gave up on the idea of freedom cause living in the chains of slavery would have been far less dangerous and far more considerate. Whats the sense of freedom and independence if one is dead right? How irresponsible can they have been?

on Dec 30, 2020

All of this could have been avoided if Australia had schoolhouse rock like the Americans. They had great educational cartoons with songs like "No more kings" which was my favorite!