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August 5, 2020 by Anthony R
I've been hearing lots of people predicting Harris or Rice as the Biden VP pick, but considering the rate at which Biden appears to be declining in his ability to even answer a few softball questions from friendly interviewers I would have to think he must go to someone safe. Biden's VP pick would have to be ready to be president on day one and I really can';t think of anyone other than independent Mike Bloomberg, or crooked Hillary Clinton who might bring that kind of gravitas. Joes latest C'mo...
November 27, 2017 by Anthony R
Looks like Dems are circling the wagons around Senator grope, Al "Fish Lips" Franken. Of course the will act morally superior and pretend they still have the right to speak out against creepy Republicans while retaining the right to protect and preserve creepy Democrats. If not for double standards there would be none.
March 29, 2017 by Anthony R
Over time, liberals in tie dye shirts listening to Greatful Dead at Woodstock have given way to people in black masks and hoods carrying mace and attacking police officers. The American left have transformed into something totally new and impossible to be classified as "liberal". The best evidence of this new movement comes with the recent post from Ivanka celebrating one year since the birth of her son, uploading an innocent and seemingly beautiful picture of the moment. Immediately, the so-cal...
June 21, 2010 by Anthony R
Well this is interesting. An 'Impeach Obama' Dem in TX has won the Democratic primary and her website calls upon fellow Democrats to 'stop Obama's fascism.' This Texas Democrat has also depicted Obama and Reid as Hitler. Very, very strange. Looks like Obama has lost some of his herd.   
September 8, 2008 by Anthony R
A member of the far left Democraticunderground has put Sarah Palin's special needs son Trig Palin up for sale on EBay. Obviously, this is insane. This is the listing description: "Adorable special needs child desperately requires loving family. Once used as a prop during televised speech. Can shoot a rabbit with an air rifle at 35 ft. Mother is a pushy social climber, unwilling to let pregnancy and children stand in way of ambition. Father unknown."   These ...
April 3, 2008 by Anthony R
Yes she can! Just team her with Evita Kerry and Viola.